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Kindergarten Students Announce Readiness for First Grade

Rudy Brandl

Kindergarten students participated in an interactive outdoor Moving Up Ceremony in the amphitheatre on Monday, June 10. With parents, family and friends in attendance, the young students announced their readiness for first grade.

Following the processional and a welcome from Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Jennifer Geissler, the program began with a series of poems and songs. Kindergarten presentations included Friends at School, The Kindergarten Class, Open a Book, Leaving Kindergarten, The Smile, The Kindergarten Graduation Song, All Are Welcome, Do My Best, The Pledge of Kindness and Here We Come.

The students shared their Favorite Memories of Kindergarten before receiving their certificates. Mr. JohnEric Advento, Head of Lower School, offered closing remarks and congratulated the students, who were greeted by Dr. Corinna Crafton, Head of School, with cookies in the courtyard.