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Global Scholars Delve into Deep Discussions

Rudy Brandl

New to the Global Scholars Program this year is the Documentary and Discussion Series.  About once a month, GSP candidates will watch a selected documentary on their own time, and then meet with other GSP candidates and Mrs. Nicole Nolan, Director of Global Scholars and Community Outreach, on a weeknight evening to discuss the topics and issues covered in the documentary.  The goal is to have GSP candidates explore issues in meaningful ways during this time of COVID-19, when field trips and guest speakers are not possible.  Each GSP candidate must participate in at least one session. 

In October, students viewed the first episode of Immigration Nation, a six-part series on Netflix about Immigration at the US/Mexican border, current government policies, and the lives of a few select refugees highlighted in the series.  Students discussed their reactions to what they viewed and learned a lot about the immigration experience, as well as the role of border patrol and ICE.  

In November, students viewed The Social Dilemma, a documentary that explores the world of social media and how it has been both beneficial and detrimental to our society. Student discussions focused on the harsh reality of how social media controls our lives, and that the information we receive is designed to create an addiction.  Participants explored the effects on mental health, the exploitation of the general population for financial benefits, and how the information we digest is highly manipulated.

The next GSP Documentary and Discussion will dive into the Netflix documentary 13th, named for the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery.  The documentary is a deep dive into racial inequality in America and how the US prison population is disproportionately African-American.  This will also enhance our Upper School Symposium work and the school’s DEI initiatives that are already ongoing.