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Faculty, Staff Set for New School Year

Rudy Brandl

W+H faculty and staff members have been preparing for the opening of the 2020-2021 school year for much of the summer. Teachers spent several weeks in professional development training for hybrid instruction, administrators worked overtime to develop reopening plans and other important procedures and maintenance workers logged countless hours preparing the campus for the safe reopening of in-person education. Last week's set-up and installation of 150 new desks were among the final pieces of preparation for the school's 138th year of operation.
    The full faculty and staff, including four new teachers and one administrator, reported to campus Sept. 2 for a series of meetings, some in person and others on Zoom. The new faculty and staff members began with an in-person orientation and introduction and later joined their new colleagues for a Zoom meeting conducted by Andy Webster, Head of School. The annual opening meeting included reports from division heads and department leaders, as well as colleagues sharing meaningful summer experiences.
    All W+H faculty and staff members also attended a COVID protocols training webinar presented by Ryan Oliveira, Pandemic Response Coordinator, and an in-person review of food service procedures run by Chef Anibal Rodriguez, Sage Dining Services manager. In addition to attending virtual and in-person departmental meetings, faculty members also helped set up their classrooms to adhere to proper social distancing guidelines. Faculty and staff members received a supply of disposable masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and tissues.