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Eighth Graders Pursue Racial, Climate Action Plans

Rudy Brandl

Students continued to develop their action plans following the Eighth Grade Summit in mid-April. Some students focused on climate justice, while others concentrated on racial justice.

Call to Action Groups were set up, with small groups of students addressing a variety of racial and climate issues. Eighth graders created posters for display around the school and met with Lower School students to educate them about the implementation of many action items.

“The action step that I am most looking forward to implement is educating the students regarding recycling, especially hanging up posters on our recycling bins as to what can and can’t be recycled,” Vinay Karthik ’25 said. “This is because many items that don’t belong in the recycling bins are being later discarded by our township and placed in landfills. We are guiding the seventh graders and they are now tasked with educating the Lower School and making these posters. Another action plan I am looking forward to is having at least one meatless day every week.”