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Eighth Graders Enjoy Museum of Natural History

Rudy Brandl

On Friday, September 16, eighth graders accompanied by Ms. Noreen Jafri, Mr. Ian McElroy, Ms. Dorri Ramati, and Ms. Tanda Tucker, spent the day at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. 

Before the trip, students began studying plate tectonics and plate boundaries. In the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth, students selected rocks that caught their attention and investigated the plate boundaries at which they formed. The newly renovated Hall of Minerals was the next stop; a student found a mineral with the same name as theirs! 

The students and chaperones enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Sage Dining on the museum terrace. In the afternoon, the eighth graders had the opportunity to explore the museum in smaller groups based on their interests; this included dinosaurs, meteorites, ocean life, and mammals, to name a few.