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Claire Lu ’24 Wins Golf Course Design Contest

Rudy Brandl

Claire Lu ’24 captured the essence of her signature sport to win the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) Great Junior Golf Design Challenge of 2021. She designed a par-5 hole and named it hOle. Claire’s design was selected as the best of more than 85 designs sent in, and she is recognized as the top Junior Designer for 2021.

The judging panel was impressed by Claire’s creativity, which is also one of her strengths on the golf course as one of the state’s top freshman players. One judge remarked: “I chose Claire's design as my #1 overall not only for creativity in the routing, but also for her graphic presentation. Naming it 'The hOle' and having it shaped like an O was clever. Although the center of the hole is water, the left route is primarily guarded by sand while the right route is primarily water. With the strategically placed trees along the fairway, wind would play a major factor in deciding which route to choose. I also like having multiple options not only off the tee, but also again for the second shot.”