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Aarush Dharayan ’22 Earns Prestigious RPI Medal

Rudy Brandl

W+H junior Aarush Dharayan ’22 recently received the Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Medal, a merit scholarship awarded to exemplary high school students. The merit scholarship has a guaranteed value of $120,000 for each medalist who is accepted at RPI. Interest in attending RPI is not part of the selection criteria.

RPI Medal recipients must be ranked within the top 10 percent of their class, excel in advanced math and science courses, have completed chemistry, biology, lab-based physics, and at least four years of math, including pre-calculus by the end of high school, demonstrate potential for success in a challenging academic setting, and exhibit significant involvement in extracurricular activities.

While he has certainly performed well in his academic classes, Aarush believes his intellectual curiosity, which often leads to conversations with teachers outside the classroom, helped him earn the award. 

“I believe that talking to teachers about extracurricular subjects was one of my main attributes that earned me this medal,” Aarush said. “I absolutely did not expect getting any sort of award like this, so it means a lot to get any sort of recognition. I am honored that I received the RPI Medal, and will only do more to further myself both in academics and outside it. Furthermore, I am grateful to the teachers who nominated me for this award and will keep improving myself in the future.”