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Reopening in the Fall

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The Wardlaw+Hartridge School’s Reopening Task Force is charged with planning for multiple scenarios for the 2020-2021 school year. Our preliminary plans incorporate the School's Mission, Vision & Core Principles which will provide us with a roadmap for planning, informed by the NJ Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control, and the Edison Department of Health. We intend to keep our community updated on this site.

We are looking at the reopening of the school in four ways: Health & Safety, Facilities, Schedule & Calendar, and Extra- & Co-Curricular Activities. Our process and practices are aligned with guidance from national, state, and local authorities, and safety is our top priority.

Reopening in the Fall

Educational Program

Health Planning

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Mr. Ryan Oliveira
Pandemic Response Coordinator

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Major Updates

Reopening Plan

The W+H Risk Matrix

The W+H Risk Matrix is as follows. Please note that these are guidelines for internal use and that it is at the discretion of W+H - in coordination with the Edison Department of Health - whether all, some, or most of the bullet points must be made before moving to the next risk level.