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Opening Plan Fall 2021

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The Wardlaw+Hartridge School anticipates opening in person on September 10, 2021 for the Fall 2021 semester. Our process and practices are aligned with guidance from national, state, and local authorities, and safety is our top priority. The school has focused on four areas, including:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Facilities
  • Schedule & Calendar
  • Extra- & Co-Curricular Activities

Having come through more than a year of pandemic teaching and learning conditions, we look forward to
circumstances that do not require quite as much modification from our usual school conditions. The pandemic
remains in flux, though, and we still need to plan with safety and flexibility in mind. We continue to consult CDC guidelines, state regulations and directives, World Health Organization guidance, medical experts, and a range of scientific studies to guide our decision-making. The ability to run our school safely for all students and employees remains the top priority, and we understand that all plans might need revision depending on how circumstances change.

Our expectations regarding masking will depend on local conditions and vaccination prevalence. Governor Murphy’s recent announcement notwithstanding, we may need to require masks for at least the initial segment of the school year, and requirements may vary throughout the year.

Below are our intervention strategies as we plan for a more normal school year, but we will remain vigilant and flexible, with especially careful monitoring of transmission among the younger children who cannot yet be vaccinated.

Fall 2021 Opening Plan Details

  • Students will be expected to attend classes in person, as will all teachers unless they are quarantined or are unable to enter the USA.
  • All students and employees will maintain up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination records with the Pandemic Response Coordinator as we continue contact tracing and properly assess risk factors to our student body and among our employees.
  • If necessary, we may choose to phase in our opening over the first few days. 
  • Drop off times will no longer be staggered, but will revert to the previous model of 8 a.m. for all divisions.
  • Vaccination will not be mandatory for enrollment at this point, though this may be subject to change once vaccines are available at all ages. Vaccines may be required for higher risk, optional activities.
  • Efforts to use outdoor space for classes will continue in 2021-22.
  • Surveillance testing for COVID-19 will continue in 2021-22; the schedule for testing may be modified.
  • The lunch program will continue to feature Plexiglas dividers and a limited number of students in each lunch period and at each table.

Educational Program

See how we remained on campus during the 2020-21 school year

COVID-19 Testing

Wardlaw+Hartridge will be testing all in-person students and staff, including fully vaccinated individuals. The COVID test being administered is
either a saliva test or a throat swab.

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Mr. Ryan Oliveira
Pandemic Response Coordinator

Our Pandemic Response Coordinator will continue to manage all interventions and communications regarding pandemic issues and concerns, continuing through 2021-22.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to We look forward to providing
additional clarity in subsequent iterations of this plan.

The W+H Risk Matrix

The W+H Risk Matrix is as follows. Please note that these are guidelines for internal use and that it is at the discretion of W+H - in coordination with the Edison Department of Health - whether all, some, or most of the bullet points must be made before moving to the next risk level.