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The Home Stretch

The Home Stretch
Rudy Brandl

In a meeting with editors and staff members of the Beacon student newspaper earlier this week, the students and I reflected on what has felt like a very rapid school year. The students, clearly energized by the recent two-week Spring Break, generated more story ideas than at any meeting we’ve held this academic year. As we looked ahead and planned this year’s final editions, we agreed that summer will be here in a flash.

During conversations with various teachers and other colleagues throughout the week, the sentiment has been unanimous. Once the calendar turns to April, it’s a very busy sprint to the finish line, which this year will be marked by our 139th Commencement for the Class of 2022 on Friday, June 10.

This year’s final dash will include more activities and events than any in recent memory, mainly because several have been moved to a time in the spring during which our community can participate more safely in person. April, May and June are filled with everything from concerts and art shows to athletic contests to W+H Parents’ Association events. Let’s not forget Capstone presentations, Advanced Placement exams, final projects, speeches, Field Day and Shakespeare performances. Also added to the busy year-ending mix are major trips for all three Middle School classes, the third annual Ram Run and our first golf outing in more than two decades. There won’t be dull moments or empty days in these parts.

I’m looking forward to keeping our community informed about these events with articles, pictures and videos. With pandemic restrictions decreasing and masks optional, it will be wonderful to see more smiling faces of performers, presenters and competitors. 

Be sure to keep up with all the W+H news in the WHEN every week and follow us on social media. Here’s to a fabulous final stretch of the school year!