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Julia Linger '15 Named to CJMEA Intermediate Region II Chorus


Julia Linger '15
, an eighth grader, was recently named to the Central Jersey Music Educators Association (CJMEA) Intermediate Region II Chorus for the second consecutive year.

During her audition for the CJMEA Intermediate Region II Chorus, Julia performed three challenging pieces for the judges: a solo (“Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier”), a cappella selection (“America – My Country ‘Tis of Thee”), and C Major Scale.

“Julia is a talented young singer with a bright future of music-making ahead of her,” said Sharon Byrne, Middle and Upper School music teacher. “We are very proud of her accomplishment of making it into the Region II Chorus again this year.”

Singing since she was a young child has always provided a strong outlet for Julia, who earned her first solo during her first year at Wardlaw-Hartridge.

While performing with the Intermediate Region II Chorus, she also sings during Wardlaw-Hartridge’s winter and spring concerts and Celebration Singers in Cranford. From Friday, March 4, to Sunday, March 6, she will take the stage during Wardlaw-Hartridge's spring musical, Beauty and the Beast, as a Villager and one of the Wolves.

Julia, who shared that she would like to pursue a career in theater, said that she has learned so much from singing with these ensembles and that, just the fact that singing makes her happy, provides her with great motivation to make her dreams come true.