Gregory Casagrande '81 Thanks Middle Schoolers for Donation

Gregory F. Casagrande '81, Managing Director of The South Pacific Business Development Foundation USA, Inc., (SPBD-USA) sent the following thank-you letter to Middle School students:

"Thank you very much for your generous donation of $1,000 to SPBD-USA," he said. "Your contribution supports our efforts to empower poor women to start small businesses and work their way out of poverty. We provide training, unsecured credit and ongoing motivation to poor women for the purpose of starting small businesses. These businesses help the women generate previously unavailable income to dramatically improve their living conditions and their children's education. Your contribution will have a direct tangible impact towards eradicating poverty. Thanks again for your generosity."

Mr. Casagrande continued, "You are role model students and I am more proud of W-H than ever before. I hope to get to campus sometime this coming academic year to thank you in person."