WHEN 11-10-06
Popcorn Project in PreK3 Incorporates Pre-Math, Sensory, Music, and Other Skills

On the morning of Friday, November 10, PreK3 students enjoyed a popcorn theme project, which included pre-math, sensory, science, music, literary, memory, and many other skills and curriculum lessons.

The children used their pre-match skills by making a large popcorn graph to show how many popcorn pieces they counted on Wednesday, November 8. They were taught, on Wednesday, the "science" of how popcorn pops, and that the popcorn comes from corn. They also "cooked" some popcorn in an air popper and used their sensory skills to smell the delicious treat.

Using their pre-math skills, they also counted how many popcorn were in a cup, tracing that number on a piece of paper. The students sang a song about popcorn and listened to a book about the snack food. Dramatic and gross-motor skills were implemented when the pupils pretended to be a kernal of popcorn, heating up and popping.

Lastly, the students used memory skills to recall their number of popcorns while they counted and glued popcorn on their large graph.

"The children really enjoy this theme each year and it covers many curriculum areas as well," said PreK3 teacher Margarida Chenalloy.