WHEN 11-10-06
Middle School Sports Awards Ceremony Held

On Tuesday, November 7, Athletic Director Patricia Malizia joined coaches Craig Chiaccheri, Tanda Tucker and Jill Anthony in congratulating Middle Schoolers for their outstanding athletic efforts during the fall season.

Mr. Chiaccheri, Head Coach of the Boys Middle School Soccer team, distributed awards to members of his team, stating, "It has been a pleasure. I am so proud of each and every one of you."

Ms. Tucker, Head Coach of the Girls Middle School Soccer team, noting that the players achieved 3 wins and 1 tie out of 12 games. She added that success is not measured by how many wins or loses are accumulated, but the enthusiasm each player brings to the next game.

Ms. Anthony, Head Coach of the Girls Middle School Tennis team, stated that her players learned a lot about fair play, "being the classiest team there was," and the importance of teamwork.

After awards were distributed, students signed up to play on winter sports teams.